Process for Distance Learning Accreditation

Applying for accreditation consists of a number of steps, which are described below:

1. Register as a CME Organiser

ACOE requires a formal registration in order to identify you as an organiser of CME activity. The registration form contains basic questions concerning the provider’s status and contact information. To register, please click here.

2. Login and Password

Once you are registered as an organiser of CME activities, you will receive via e-mail a login and password that will enable you to access the application form for CME accreditation. Your login and password will also allow you to follow the status of your application.

3. Application Form

The information you providein the application form will serve as the basis for the quality assessment by ACOE of your CME activity.

4. Access Procedure

Further to completion of the Application Form, you should provide the procedure to access/view the material to be evaluated. It should also enable ACOE evaluators to access both the form intended for evaluating the material (should it be different from the ACOE standard evaluation form) and the self-evaluation test.

5. Decision on Accreditation

Assessment of your application will be performed by the ACOE councillors within three to four weeks after submission. You will be informed of the outcome of their review via e-mail.

6. Number of CME Credit Points Awarded to an Activity

ACOE determines the number of CME credit points awarded to an activity. Basically, one credit point is granted per full educational hour of the activity, with a minimum of 1 CME credit per Distance Learning activity.

7. Certificate of Participation

The delivery of the certificate of participation is linked to the completion of the evaluation form and the self-evaluation test.

The certificate of participation should indicate that the event has been reviewed and evaluated by the Accreditation Council of Oncology in Europe (ACOE).

The CME provider must propose to users a convenient way of obtaining their certificate. A web-based system is highly recommended for Distance Learning accreditation certificates.

8. Evaluation Report

Organisers are requested to provide an evaluation report at the end of the validity period of the accreditation.