Fees for Distance Learning Accreditation

The European Cancer Organisation is pleased to support the Common Accreditation system for CME in Oncology in Europe.  Our work for ACOE is completed on a non-profit making basis and the fees charged are designed to cover the operational costs involved.

For Distance Learning accreditation, the ACOE Council has agreed the following fee structure, made of two elements:

  • Accreditation fee (based on the number of hours of content to be accredited)
  • Administration fee of €250 for each application

Member Societies of the European Cancer Organisation receive a 50% discount on all fees.  To find out more about your organisation becoming a Member Society of the European Cancer Organisation, please contact us.

As of September 2021, ACOE offers a discounted accreditation fee to be applied for the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) accredited cancer centres/ institutes as a benefit of the OECI membership and support to the European Cancer Organisation. The Comprehensive Cancer Centres and Cancer Centres receive a 25 % discount on all fees.


The table below indicates the Accreditation fee for the hours of content to be accredited, with the Administration fee to be added:

Hours of Content

Accreditation Fee

0-8 hours € 130
9-16 hours € 180
17-24 hours € 250
25-32 hours € 300
33-40 hours € 350
41-49 hours € 400
50- 57 hours € 450
58-65 hours € 500
66-73 hours € 550
74-81 hours € 600
82-90 hours € 650
91-99 hours € 700


*The above fees do not include VAT

If you have any questions about the fee structure or any aspect of the ACOE process, please contact us.